At Credent Care, we offer a wide range of services and intensity that are based on the needs of each individual that we serve and care.

Housing Stabilization

Home Housing Stabilization

Credent Care supports people with disabilities to live, work, and play in communities of their choice. Various challenges and barriers can make it hard to find housing, budget, interact with landlords and neighbors, and understand the rules of a lease. Finding and keeping stable affordable housing is important to the health of Minnesotans. Housing Stabilization Services is a new Medical Assistance benefit designed to help people with disabilities and seniors find and keep housing. Housing Stabilization Services is a home and community-based service.

The purpose of these services is to:

  • Support an individual’s transition into housing,
  • Increase long-term stability in housing in the community, and
  • Avoid future periods of homelessness or institutionalization

Requirements for service:

  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness 
  • Individuals must have Medical Assistance to receive Housing Stabilization Services (If individuals need assistance in applying to MA we are able to assist in the application process) 
  • Have a qualifying disabling condition (Mental Health, Physical, Learning, Developmental, Substance Use)
Housing Transitioning:
  • Completing housing applications on behalf of the service recipient
  • Developing a housing transition plan
  • Assists individuals with the housing search and application process
  • Identifies resources to pay for security deposits and moving expenses
  • Organizes and supports an individual in their move to housing
  • Secures additional services, benefits, and resources to support housing
Housing Sustaining:
  • Provides coaching on conflict resolution and developing relationships with the property management team. 
  • Assists individuals to access and maintain community services
  • Provides ongoing training on responsible tenancy and lease compliance
  • Provides early intervention and advocacy to prevent eviction
  • Supporting the person to apply for benefits to retain housing
For more information on housing stabilization services please go to the DHS Website